Yesterday at Canzine was a success! So much positive feedback and smiling faces. Thanks to everyone who came by and took the gamble with the bubblegum machine! It was so nice to see the artists work be so appreciated and loved! Stay tuned for the next S.A.Z event and follow this blog for more continued zine features by more talented artists !

The Playground with Lucy Chang Photography

Mini photo shoot for my Downtown Markham public art piece taken by my beautiful and incredibility talented friend Lucy Chang. Please check out her lovely photos!

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Nancy Zhang is a multi talented artist  as an illustrator and jewellery maker. Check out my sister-from-another-mister’s blog here and keep an eye out for her jewellery line cluster cubes too! Recently she has also became a hometown muralist in Markham. There is currently a contest on best mural so VOTE FOR HER! Everyday. Please and Thanks! 

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Voting closes October 31th and you can vote daily

The Playground
10 x 8 ft

You can also see my piece in person at Birchmount Road & Enterprise Boulevard anytime.

Public voting for the favourite piece will start September 24th, 2013. I will post all the details when it’s out. Vote for me!! :D

Colour studies, closeups and me in action :D